How to Protect Your Family in a Crisis

Looking after one’s family is a very important aspect of an individual’s life. In order to it most effectively one should consider a family survival course. This is a holistic program that equips a person with all there is to know about the survival of the family during a crisis or epidemic and whether it is economic or natural. This particular course develops survival instinct that will benefit the entire family.

Military Framework1

Developed by Jason Richards with a military background and expertise in firearms, the recommendation and techniques explained in the guide are fully tested by Richards in his own life and has been helping him to protect his own family. Family Survival covers the practical methods of confronting difficulties, including developing the proper mindset to tackle a crisis efficiently. It deals with the significance of storing the right foods and storing water safe enough to drink. It even sensitizes users to the weapons that can be used for self-defense.

Planning for Survival

The Family Survival Course Jason Richards discusses five key factors to survival. The first part of the survival guide focuses on planning. According to Jason Richards, it is the most important part and one should give more emphasis to it. It helps in saving time and also reduces the wastage of resources. Individuals facing a crisis situation should not panic. This only serves to worsen the situation and usually results in a loss of control of both one’s actions as well as the situation itself. People should be realistic; and by this Richards refers to not trying to be a super hero as super heroes exist only in movies.

Food Conservation

The family survival course explains the major ways to protect and conserve food in difficult times, as food is very essential to survival. Some essential foods to have on hand are: wheat flour, beans, barley, soy bean, rice, pasta, tomato sauce, cereals, noodles, oil, herbs and spices. In addition, the course describes the ways to store food as well as to plan proportions for meals based on individual daily requirements.

Minimizing Risks

Family survival course also describes the importance and significance of water and the ways to conserve it because without water it will be very difficult to survive. Bad water will lead to more harm by inducing discomfort or worse, illness. Jason Richards in family survival also talks about reducing the risk to one’s family. There are many ways according to him to reduce risk. Families should have a security system installed in the home. There should also be a separate phone line or mobile phone in the house for emergencies. The family survival guide describes the various ways to use particular weapons and also highlights different kinds of weapons. Jason Richards says that one can even use their body as a weapon in an emergency.

Following a Disaster

The family survival guide mentions fifteen items one would require after a disaster which are very important for maintaining survival. They are water, canned foods, energy bars, clothes, shelter items, first aid kit, knife, fire starters, light, duct tape, a pathfinder watch, phone, cash, radio and weapon.

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